Realization of high sensor density in machines and plants

The increasing automation or monitoring of machines and systems means that far more sensors are being integrated into the machines today.

Despite general miniaturization, a certain space is still needed for the sensors, as well as for the number of wires and cables for connecting them.

An additional degree of complexity arises when data and power supply for sensors have to be routed via a rotating component, since all channels for power supply and data have to be passed on.

Different approaches are therefore being pursued in order to better utilize installation space within the machine or to save resources.

One point is certainly to use the configurable slip ring series from Deublin at the interfaces between fixed cabling and the rotating machine part. As the number of electrical channels already with standard products ranges from 18 to 54 channels, many sensors can already be addressed in this way.

Also the current trend "Single Pair Ethernet” (SPE), i.e. the transmission of power and data via just 2 wires + shielding, can be passed on at the rotating interface using the latest slip ring technology and realizes transmission speeds of up to 100 Mbit with parallel performance in the range 6 to 60 volts; 0.1 to 1.4 amps max.

If you combine “SPE” with suitable slip ring products, the sensor density can be increased further without changing the footprint of a machine. Appropriate customer-specific design can be clarified with the Deublin design department.

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Single Pair Ethernet and Rotating Machine Part

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