DPS - DEUBLIN Performance System

The DEUBLIN Performance System – or DPS – is based on the experiences of the Toyota Production System. Adjusted to DEUBLIN requirements, the aim is to implement an integrated approach towards providing the company with the capabilities to deal with the challenges of the future.

The main principle throughout the system is increasing customer satisfaction. Through constant and continuous reduction of surplus production, balancing of available resources and avoidance of non-value-adding activities such as waiting times, the entire production process is tailored to the customer’s own requirements. This is how DEUBLIN has managed to reach a stage where a wide range of models can be dispatched within 3 working days.

However, the DPS at DEUBLIN is not restricted to the production processes; it actually comprises every company department. This way, employees in all departments are working towards the continuous improvement of all processes. Through employee development and support, a cycle of sustainable and continuous optimisation has been developed which, alongside maximum technical efficiency, also integrates framework conditions such as the protection of resources and the environment into the company philosophy.

What began tentatively at the end of 2010 has developed into a real success story. We are continuing to pursue the idea of the founder of the company, Luke Deubler: “We haven’t started yet”.