How can machine tools/machining centre downtime and spindle damage be avoided? With SpindleShield™!

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deublin spindleshieldWhen cooling lubricants soak into the bearings of a spindle, the result is usually the dreaded “spindle damage”. This can cause unplanned expensive machine downtime and repair costs that can quickly run up into the thousands. In the worst case, the spindle must be replaced entirely, which means €15,000-30,000 in additional expenses.

Using rotating unions of any type of seal with integrated and patented SpindleShield™ technology allows you to avoid spindle damage and, therefore, machine tool and machining centre downtime. As a result, productivity increases.

„Knowledge“ helps: In the jargon of the trade, “leakage” is often used broadly and carries negative implications.

However, there is an important distinction between normal “functional leakage” and “wear leakage”, so dangerous for the spindle.

Briefly explained: Functional leakage is defined, for example, as the shifting of some coolant for the purpose of lubricating the sealing surfaces, or as the discharge of coolant still present when the sealing surfaces are opened for unlimited dry running up to full speed.

A monitoring system that only checks for the presence of liquid in the area of the leakage pipes may result in unclear operating conditions or error messages.

In contrast, SpindleShield™ directly determines whether the leakage is functional or due to wear.

construction exampleIn the latter case, SpindleShield™ alerts the machine operator and issues a warning message that the affected rotating union should be replaced immediately.

In addition, SpindleShield™ can communicate directly with the machine controller and trigger program steps/macros to the stop technician being called out.

The relatively small investment in rotating unions with integrated SpindleShield™ helps limit the costs to a few hundred euros needed to replace the rotating union.

Moreover, the integration makes retrofitting extremely easy for all machining centres and machine tools: simply switch from previous DEUBLIN Rotating Unions to the model with integrated SpindleShield™!

With several hundred sites now in operation, SpindleShield™ helps to keep machining processes running smoothly all over the world.

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