Successful start for applications: DEUBLIN Slip Rings for power and data

Modern machines not only enable the transmission of power/currents from a stationary connector to rotating components, but also, with a view to Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), allow for other data to be transferred through the slip ring, e.g. for a variety of sensor data, meters, signal transmitters and even bus and Ethernet connections.

Contacting points and data density (up to 100 Mbits/s) increase, which, especially data density can be very sensitive to interferences. SRC and SRD slip rings meet a host of design challenges: They offer a wide range of options covering the requirements of the engineers. SRC and SRD are based on a modular, configurable design with up to 40 electrical channels that operate at speeds of up to 250 rpm.

Shielding creates a protection from the increasing electromagnetic interferences (EMI) that are commonly found in today's manufacturing environments, ensuring the integrity of the data transmission.

This explains why the new products have been keenly accepted by machine designers!

Beyond pure slip ring tasks, DEUBLIN can also supply highly-integrated combination products of rotating unions for compressed air, hydraulics, waters etc. plus slip rings for power or sensor data.

If you need to transmit data and power/currents as well as fluids over rotating components and are looking for sustainable solutions for your machines: Just contact us – and tap into more than 70 years of experience.

Whether you are looking for a traditional rotating union, slip rings or an integrated product: You get it all with the proven, 100% tested DEUBLIN quality.


Datasheets Slip Rings SRC-30

The SRC-30 is a reliable, cost-effective and proven product that seeks to provide the consumer with maximum efficiency in terms of modularity. A slip ring that is particularly suited for being combined with media rotating unions.

Download SRC-30

Further data sheets can be found on our website!


Deublin SlipRing Introduction (EN)

Electrical slip rings for packaging machines made by DEUBLIN

Very often slip rings are used in rotary machines. These are used by fillers, cappers and weighers of food, beverage, household products or pharmaceuticals, but also for packaging building materials such as cement or similar. Many other machines, such as labelling systems, are also suitable for these applications.

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