Effective solutions for the optimisation of steam systems and paper machine dryer sections

Increasing the operating efficiency of paper machines is the focus of all paper manufacturers - especially in light of increasing energy costs. The dryer section is the largest consumer of steam energy within the paper machine - up to 55% of the total energy costs are needed for this part. An optimized steam and condensate system increases manufacturing capacity and improves the efficiency of paper machines by reducing the costs of drying and increasing profits.

Solutions for optimising dryer sections relate to steam systems and condensate drainage technologies - rotating unions, stationary and rotating siphons and other components are concerned here, in order to:

  • Reduce differential pressure and reduce or avoid high-pressure motive steam, resulting in drastic energy savings
  • Reduce motive steam and the erosion that is associated with it
  • Eliminate cylinder flooding
  • Free the operator of steam system deficiencies
  • Reduce superheated steam by improving the system efficiency and preventing the outflow of steam
  • Reduce operational influences on tears to the paper web and increase the reliability of the entire system
  • Improve product quality by standardising the drying process (CD profile) and reducing picking in the paper web

In order to correspond to all purposes, DEUBLIN offers a comprehensive range of rotating unions and siphon systems to ensure the maximum performance of modern high-speed paper machines in different operating conditions.

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