Basically, all DEUBLIN Rotating Unions can be refurbished at the factory.

The following models cannot be repaired:

  • Models of 1005, 9000, H20, H25, H32, N, D, AP, VAI, ZAP Series as well as bearingless unions of the machine tool industry
  • Models 1101-632-343, 1108-840-835, 1109-840-835, 1109-860-835
  • Rotating unions that are 10 years old and above
  • Rotating unions with illegible part number and / or manufacturing date
  • Very dirty or contaminated products

DEUBLIN assumes no liability for customer parts that are mounted onto the DEUBLIN union. These parts will not be returned.

After they are returned, disassembly and cleaning begins and all worn parts are replaced with new ones. After assembly and testing, the customer receives back unions that are as good as new with an standard warranty.

When taking advantage of a warranty, the union must be returned UNOPENED. The cause of failure will be ascertained and, if so desired, the customer will receive a report for personal perusal. The result of the findings will decide whether the repair is performed on a charge or on a no-charge basis.

Numerous DEUBLIN products can be field repaired by the user. For every degree of wear there is a corresponding rebuilding or repair kit available. These kits can be ordered at the DEUBLIN facility complete with their respective repair instructions (refer to comments under number system).