Although rotating unions have been important passive machinery components for decades already, there are still large gaps in knowledge.
These do not simply concern functional issues, but also everything around installation, maintenance and support in order to achieve the maximum technical life span.
That’s why DEUBLIN offers training courses, seminars and workshops all about rotating unions, from “basic” to “advanced” courses in a one- to twoyear cycle through to target group-specific topics such as coolant and cutting lubricants and paper manufacture.
The seminars take a lateral look at rotating unions and bring together DEUBLIN technology providers, represented by consultants, and users.

Training courses

Training courses are only available to an exclusive group of participants and are hosted at the DEUBLIN company premises.

Rotating union and Coolant seminar

The original seminar takes place annually with over 50 participants, mainly from German-speaking world, but also some international guests and topclass speakers from world-renowned companies. The subject matter mainly revolves around topics such spindle technology, cooling lubricant maintenance, filtration, micro-lubrication, etc., which effect the lifespan of rotating unions.
Perspectives are expanded upon from the field of application with relevant DEUBLIN knowledge with a view to rotating unions.

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Paper drying seminar / paper products training course

The seminar is well-attended on a regular basis, both in terms of speakers and in terms of audience.
The title of the seminar is actually a little too short, as many more subjects concerning paper machines and production far beyond the dryer area are dealt within the presentations.
Functional models providing a descriptive insight enrich the presentations and add a truly “tangible” practical edge to the theory elements, usually resulting in vibrant discussions within the groups standing around the models.
The paper products training course takes place at interested paper manufacturers and can be tailored directly towards local projects.

Offering the highest possible product quality is, in our opinion, not enough in today’s market – the product quality must be enhanced through dialogue and multi-directional knowledge transfer.
An important step towards promoting developments in all participants in order to hold one’s ground in the long term in the face of international competition.

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