New line: SRX family



Picture slipring srx
Electrical Channels see datasheet
nominal Current Ith 4A - 7A - 16A - 34A
nominal Voltage 400 VAC / VDC
Material Housing Anodized Aluminium
Rotor Anodized Aluminium
Cover Anodized Aluminium
Wiring depending by cond. rings composition
Lead length cable lengths dimensions according requests
Protection class IP 65 at max. rotational speed of 50 rpm
Max. rot. speed 50 RPM
Mounting position Vertical mounting with cover upward
Work. Temp. T 70°C = -20°C ÷ +40°C
T 75°C = -20°C ÷ +50°C
Rotation direction Bi-Directional
Conformities CEI EN 60079-0 / CEI EN 60079-31 / UNI EN 1127-1 / CEI EN 60529 / CEI EN 60529/A1 
Directives 2014/34/UE - 2014/35/UE - 2014/30/UE - 2006/42/CE - RoHS 2011/65/UE



SRX-ATEX_EU_DE_Rev01.pdf (915.5 KiB)